The Guild

Since last we joined our heroes...

Hidden within the trash pile were a number of otyughs which quickly spread filth fever to the entire party, including Hugo and Bushmill whom appeared through a drainage pipe. The group destroyed the beasts, and decided to continue on dispite their fevers. They found the sewers eventually changed to stonework halls, and they were quickly set upon by a group of rotted corpses. The corpses took out Crogex and Hugo, but the rest of the group fought them off. After the fight the group collapsed, exhausted and feverish.

When they awoke their fevers had broken, but they had no idea how long they had slept, or what time of day it was. they continued down the stonework tunnel and found that it was dimly lit by low burning torches. They came to a room and found many figures in black robes and masks gathered around a fire chanting. As they stoop staring at the group they were noticed and the robed figured quickly disperesed. The group chased them and managed to catch one while Ghak trailed another. They interegated the robed figure who turned out to be an adolecent male who new little, but did reveal that they were some kind of secret cult.

The group rejoined Ghak after knocking their captive unconcious. They found themselves at a familiar looking steel door. Ghak informed them that a group of robed figures went through the door using a key. Bushmil set to work and eventually picked the lock. On the other side was the arena, looking recently used, and a few men apparently picking up the mess. They quickly realized these men were actually the robed figures trying to hide in plain sight. They captured two while another escaped. The group beat the men unconcious and left the arena with their captives.

As they walked through town they were approached by a guard who took charge of the prisoners for the group. Ein and company did not like this, but allowed it wanting no trouble with the guard. they went to see the captives in jail and found they were all still unconcious. Hugo discovered that they were drugged and they went to see Lord Perry. They met with Lord Perry while he was taking a bath. Ein joined him in the hot bath and they disscussed the matters with the guild. Lord perry finally agreed that the guild was a threat and sent word to the capitol and scouts to the north to investigate further. The group returned to the boat. At the docks the dockmaster informed them that he had found a buyer for the boat. A strange man with goggles and an odd walking stick… The group was instantly reminded of Smirnoff the Tinkerer and wanted to meet with him. After resting on the boat the group headed to the inn to meet with the buyer who was indeed Smirnoff. Smirnoff was suprised by the groups appearance, and informed them that they were doomed. A large man wielding a wicked glaive with a huge picher-like end, burst through the wall of the inn. He quickly caught Hugo in the picher and sheared him in half shouting “OH YEAH”. As Hugo’s body lay cleaved in twain, the group mobilized to attack Smirnoff and the behemoth.

The fight was not an easy one, but the group managed to kill the brute and knock Smirnoff unconcious, but not before the tinkerer sent his toys away. As the guards approached the scene the group fled, not wanting to lose another prisoner. After they returned to the boat a guard approached them for questioning regarding the incident at the inn. He informed them that there were obvious signs of battle, copious amounts of blood, but no bodies. Ein, obviously suprised by this, quickly thought up a lie and told the guard that they were attacked by a large brute whom killed their friend and escaped with the body. The guard accepted Eins lie and left…



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