Timeline of campaigns

This timeline notes where events in my previos campaigns happen in regards to one another. The date notations refer to the number of years after Wiesenhiems arrival in this world.

100 A.W.

This is the time of The Guild campaign(campaign #6). Wiesenhiem has been in the world for some time, but Nak’mul has not yet followed him through the rift between worlds.

115 A.W.

This is the time of my first campaign, The Gauntlet of Nak’mul. Wiesenhiem gathers a group of six heroes in an attempt to destroy Nak’mul, who has recently arrived in this world. He ultimately fails, though the heroes manage to trap the evil god within his own artifact. Sadly the heroes spirits were trapped within the gauntlet as well.

125 A.W.

This is the time of two of my campains, The Death Squad (my second campaign), and The Last Bastion (my fourth campaign). In both, the old continent has been overrun with undead flowing from a rift formed when Nak’mul was sealed into the gauntlet. Some survivors fled to an island to the south of the continent(the death squad), others were fooled(and ultimately had their memories erased) by agents of Nak’mul to board a floating mountain to escape(the last bastion). Wiesenhiem is abord the floating island and is thus absent from the island to the south.

300 A.W.

This is the time of my 3rd campaign which I call The Rise of Defaria, in which a PC steals the spark of divinity from a great demon prince and becomes the demon queen of the undead. Wiesenhiem advises the PC’s

400 A.W.

Herin lies my 5th campain The Return of Nak’mul. The PC’s recover the gauntlet and attempt to free the souls of the heroes trapped within.

Timeline of campaigns

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