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Our story started as so many do, in a tavern. After a night of binge drinking, three novice adventurers decided to band together and try to make a name for themselves. A tiefling warlock called Ein, Crogex a dragonborn fighter, and a mysterious eladrin warlord. The trio travelled north from Evart to the small town of Lansing to investigate rumors of bandits blocking the road to Honeywell. While in a tavern gathering clues Ein was approaced by a strange man who tried to keep the trio from investigating further. The man identified himself as a trader from the south named Bacardi. When Ein confronted the small bald man about his motives he became skiddish and quickly left the tavern. The trio set off to investigate a campsite on the road to Honeywell which appeared to be the perfect spot for an ambush. They set up camp and were quickly set upon by bandits. The bandits proved no match for the adventurers though one escaped into the dark of night. Crogex was the only one whom faced this particular bandit, and noted that he was quite short for a bandit.

After Ein collected numerous cog shaped pins from the bodies of the bandits the trio headed north following the path of the escaping bandit. They were set upon numerous times and killed many bandits through three different camps. At the final camp, which was set into a large rocky outcropping, Ein entered a cavern and encountered the short bald man. The man escaped through some sort of shoot through the stone, though careful inspection could not locate the shoot or a mechanism to open it. The trio spent the night in the descimated camp and in the morning set out to investigate where Bacardi had escaped to.

Ein, Crogex, and the Eladrin quickly found Bacardi standing atop a column of stone, one of many at the edge of a great waterway leading to the sea. Behind him was a great seafaring vessel seemingly manned by no one. Bacardi threw a small ball at the group which quickly expanded to form a human sized bronze colored golem, vaguely resembling an ape. The adventurers destroyed the golem, though Bacardi escaped to the ship by floating out to it using some sort of mystical forces.

After searching the camps on their way back to Lansing the trio gathered clues that led them to believe the bandits were gathering supplies for some greater scheme located elsewhere, and a note addressed to Bacardi from someone named Morgan referencing somthing called The Guild which they both seemed to work for. Upon returning to Lansing the mysterios eladrin left the group, having experienced enough of the adventuring life and reminding herself not to get too drunk with strangers again.

Ein and Crogex left Lansing and returned south to Evart to find it under assault by a goblin army. It seemed that the majority of the city guard lay dead around the gates, but a few crossbowmen still lined the ramparts on the northern wall. A dwarf and an elf stood valiantly in the gates to the city keeping the hordes at bay. Ein and Crogex went to their aid and a brutal battle ensued. When things looked their bleakest, a cleric of Pelor appeared to offer aid in the struggle. His appearance turned the tide and the heroes forced the goblins to abandon their attack upon the city. Upon inspecting the damages it was discovered that the goblins broke into an ore proccessing facility and stole some large bags of a strange blue crystal that the mining operation had discovered.

Ein and Crogex, now joined by Ghak, the dwarf, Renias, the elf, and Hugo, the cleric, were persuaded by the mayor to investigate the source of the goblins ire. They headed ito the mountains north of town and quickly discovered that the goblins were forced to attack the town by a group of soldiers wearing bronze scale armor and bearing cog shaped pins similar to those carried by the bandits. The group killed the soldiers and freed the goblins.

After returning to Evart Mayor Kayo Tee informed the group that a golden thing had been seen flying south from the mountains. He also mentioned a green dragon being sighted to the east. The group traveled south to investigate the golden thing and to hopefully avoid the dragon. Their plan failed and they were assaulted by the dragon anyways. After a grueling battle which nearly claimed their lives the group managed to injure the great beast enough to cow it into submission. They decided to spare the beasts life, a first for this blood thirsty group, in return for a favor. The dragon agreed and led them to the ruins of an old castle in the forest and promised to help them battle anything they encountered outside it’s walls.

The group encountered more bronze golems outside the castle and quickly disposed of them. They explored the castle and found it was old and abandoned, though there was an area of new stonework that seemed very odd. They also came across a painting of a man in black which started to speak to them, which startled Crogex who swiftly slashed the painting to ribbons. Soon afterhe vomited acid on a mechanism that could possibly have opened a passage into the area of new stonework. Crogex then decided to throw himself at the stonework until he broke through, revealing a complex underneath the castle.

Beneath the castle they encountered and killed more soldiers in bronze scale, and freed some women who were imprisoned there. In another chamber they encountered numerous clay pots with imagery of the man in black on them. The mans voice began to emanate from numerous pots causing Crogex and some of the others to start smashing pots. Ein had the forethought to save one, which transformed into a small statuette and warned him that a powerful enemy lay ahead. The group foolishly pressed on and found a man sitting apon a great chair wearing blue tinted goggles. He revealed that his name was Smirnoff, and sent numerous soldiers to attack the group. During the fight he used a strange staff to shoot harmful projectiles at the group. When the fight started to turn sour, Smirnoff escaped leading the heroes on to another room of the complex.

In this final room Smirnoff had apparantly built a great golem to battle the heroes. The heroes destroyed the golem, and Smirnoff beat a hasty retreat to the roof of the complex and escaped upon the back of a great bronze dragonfly golem. The heroes left the castle in the care of the green dragon and headed north.

Growing tired with their constant run ins with the guild, the group headed north to Honeywell to investigate rumors of a great treasure located in a crypt outside of town. They did not recieve a warm welcome as another group had already raided the tomb and stolen things that the townsfolk felt were better left with the dead. They refused to let the group enter the city, especially Ein, as they distrusted tieflings and another tiefling had led the group that raided the tomb. Apon hearing the discription of the tieflin Ein suspected that it might be one of his brothers. They were directed to a mans house outside of town whom the townsfolk said was crazy. They found the man whom welcomed them warmly. The group quickly found that the man was indeed mad, but managed to get enough information to put together that the other group had headed east and that the man, who at one point refered to himself as Crown seemed to have some past connection to the guild.

The heroes decided to follow this other group east and eventually approached the small fishing village of Tudor. Outside of town they encountered a group of orcs who had captured a tiefling and were attempting to burn him at the stake. The tiefling seemed to find this highly entertaining. The group rescued him and found that he was indeed Ein’s brother Ekemon and the leader of the other group. Ekemon’s group had been captured by the orcs and were schedualed to be executed later that day in Tudor which the orcs had sacked. Our heroes, joined by Ekemon, assaulted the walls of Tudor and slew a great number of orcs. The battle seemed to be going well until a great troll burst through the walls and assaulted the party. Wounded and confused Ghak stubled into the village and was captured by the orcs. The heroes defeated the troll, but were too wounded to continue.

Ekemon revealed to the group that he had an item in his possesion that could give them a safe place to rest in this orc infested area. The group agreed and Ekemon produced an orb that, instead of transporting them to a safe resting place as he had said it would, transported their consiousnesses into the bodies of his friends within the captured town. The heroes were confused by the bodies they found themselves in, but found that they were strong and skilled enough to escape.

In tudor both groups joined in a massive battle against the orcs, which was interupted by a great white dragon who seemed to toy with them until it anounced that it had delayed them enough. The heroes then noticed a seemingly impossible army of bronze golems of numerous designs marching from the north. Behind the approaching army they also say a mansion upon a cliff overlooking the ocean. Beneath the mansion was a large cave with a familiar looking seafaring vessel docked within.

Both groups fled the village, minds swapped back into their proper places. Ekemon’s group took a boat and fled to sea, while Ein’s decided to head to a network of caves beneath the village. In the caves they came across a group of villagers led by a female tiefling named Nitari being assaulted by a duo of displacer beasts. After chasing the beasts off Ein’s statue revealed a treasure hold which they decided to rest in. When they awoke, one of the villagers had found a map on the wall that seemed to lead to a great chamber, perhaps the one beneath the mansion to the north. The villager seemed to be acting a little strange, and Ein found it reminicent of the way Bacardi spoke.

They decided to follow the path anyways and Ein’s statue warned him that when things looked their darkest that Ein should display him promenently. They found the great cavern and saw Bacardi himself, surrounded by a group of soldiers, walking from the ship to some other area out of sight. The group saw the great sailing ship and decided to send Renias in to scout it out hoping to escape upon it. Renias scouted the boat and was returning to the group when he was assaulted by Bacardi. Bacardi revealed that he was a powerful psionicist and that he would destroy them all for interfering in the guild’s affairs. The heroes tried to rescue Renias as the villagers slunk around to the ship. Ein saw that they had no chance against such a powerful foe and produed the statue of the man in black. The statue transformed into a full sized man who drew a large crystal sword and began to attack Bacardi. When Bacardi saw the man he killed Renias by melting his skin and shattering his bones. The heroes fled leaving Bacardi to the man in black. The villagers manned the ship as best they could and managed to get out to sea. As they sailed away the group noticed a woman standing atop the cliff above with striking red hair. The woman watched them sail away shaking her head as if dissapointed by this outcome.

At sea the heroes quickly found that they could not survive for long with such a small crew and little provisions. One of the villagers suggested heading to a port town to the south, and so they went, watching as the army of golems marched across northen Ganz razing everything in their path. The heroes decided they had to bring the evidence they had collected thus far, including numerous papers found on the ship, to a higher athority to warn them of the army. On their way to port they encountered a small merchant vessel and saved them from a group of pirates. After warning them and parting the heroes were raided by sea devils loosing 3 precious crewmen in the attack. They still managed to drift into port…



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