The Guild

The Ship

The group took a small rowboat out to the wrecked ship. The front of the ship jutted out from the water at an angle. The group rowed the boat around so they could see the deck, and approace. On the deck were countless bodies which began to rise and swim out towards them as they approaced. The group swiftly dealt with the undead menace and boarded the ship. After a short search of the deck above water the group was attacked by 3 ghostly girls. As the group battled this new foe, Ein jumped ship and investigated the hull below the waves. He found that the ship was supported by numerous swimming undead. He also discovered a small hole in the hull. He swam into the hole and found a room lined with more ghost girls. Their heads were down so ein pressed his luck and swan into the room. At the far end was a skeleton clutching a dark box in its hands. Ein swam for the box. As he touched it all the girls heads shot up sharply, startling Ein. He lost his composure and began having trouble holding his breath. He swiftly swam out of the chamber, knowing that if th ghosts followed him he would surely die. As he exited the hull he saw that the undead holding the boat up were now falling away into the see. He made it to the surface unmolested to find the battle above still raging. Ein knew the boat would soon sink and so he rallied his allies to escape in the boat while they could. Crogex took to the oars and brought the boat around to pick up Ein and they made their escape as the haunted ship went to rest under the waves.



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