The Guild

The investigation continues...

The heroes return to the docks, greeted by the townsfolk thanking them for destroying the eyesore of the coast. Ein suggests they return to Burt, since he obviously lied about where the cult was. They interrogate Burt, after healing his jaw, and find out the cult is located beneath the city. The group has heard of an underground arena beneath the bazzar and go there to investigate as night falls. Ein pokes around and stumbles apon two men guarding a strange door in the bazzar. He informs them that he plans on entering Crogex in the arena. The guards exchange glances and ask their boss if he is on “the list”. The boss replies that Ein is on the list… Ein informs them that he will return tomorrow. The group heads back to the ship to rest.

The next day, the group heads back to lord perry to report on their findings so far. They present him with the pieces of golems they have collected. With some feminine coersion by Nitari the Lord agrees to investigate this new evidence today. When the group mentions the cult below the city the lord insists that there are no tunnels beneath the city. The group leaves and investigates the bazarre more. They return to the door, which appears unguarded, and pick the lock to gain entry. They find an empty building with a staircase heading underground to another locked door. Nitari picks the lock and they eventually find what is obviously the underground arena. It is deserted, so they search some tunnels heading off of it. They find huge steel doors with locks too difficult for Nitari to pick. They head back up to the surface and follow up on some discoveries Ghak made earlier.

The group went to the docks where Ghak showed them a drainage pipe which lead beneath the city. Crogex ripped off the grating over it and the group proceeded up the pipe. After crawling through sewage and offal, they came to a large cental drainage area with a heaping pile of refuge in the center. As they approached the pile began to move…



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