The Guild

Investigating the Cult

The PC’s return to Lord Perry with evidence from the ship. He informs them that their evidence seems fanciful and hard to believe, but that he will revue this new evidence and see what he thinks. To gain his favor the PC’s agree to interogate Burt Curewell about the cult he belongs to.

On the way to the jail where Burt is being held the group is ambushed by men clad in black whom the group believes to be some of the cultists. The PC’s dispatch them quickly, and slay them all in the end. The guards arrive and frown upon the groups tactics, informing them that they hae committed murder and Lord Perry will be informed.

The group enters the jail and finds that Burt is in solitary confinement in a small room with no windows and only one iron door. The cell is so small that only one of the group may enter at a time. Ein leads as usual, entering the cell to find Burt chained to the wall, his lower jaw a complete mess from the blow Alec gave him.

Ein soon finds that interrogating the man will be impossible with his jaw in such a state, and is about to leave the cell when something strange occured. The temperature droped noticably and the cell grew dark. Burts pupils inlarged until his eyes were completely black and a strange voice emanated from his ruined mouth.

The voice informed Ein that he had made a pact with “the darkness” and that he was being called upon to perforn a service. He was to go to the ship wrecked off shore and retrieve an item of great power. Ein agreed and left the cell telling his companions that he had learned all he could and that the cult was located on the wrecked ship. Most of the group wanted to head there anyways so the headed there to deliver swift justice, or so most of them believed…



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