The Guild

Arrival in Orath

The PC’s drift into the port town of Orath, and, with the help of the remaining villagers and the dockhands, manage to dock in the port. They make vauge arrangements with the Dockmaster and head into the town proper. Ein, Ghak and Nitari head directly to one Lord Perry’s manor, as he is said to be in charge of the town. Crogex roams the town covered in the gore from his previous battles and gathers as much information from the townsfolk as he can. Hugo remains with the villagers to help them get a new start here in Orath. At Lord Perry’s manor, Ein’s group is led into a meeting with the lord, whom is taking his supper. The lord seems distant, but hears Ein’s request to go to battle in the north. Ein supplies some of the evidence the group has gathered, promising to bring the lord more. The lord agrees to look over the evidence in the eve, mentioning a battle at Devils Peak that the group is not familiar with. He also asks Ein to look into some troubles at the new chapel that is but a week old. Ein’s group decides to head to the bazar to sell some loot, and Crogex has the same idea… The two groups meet back up just outside the bazar. Crogex shares the rumors he has heard around town; A haunted ship lies wrecked just off the coast, an arena of sorts exists beneath the bazar, and strange creatures have been attacking people in the wilderness to the west. As the group is disscussing these things they reach the bazar. A flaming hound bursts through some of the stands causing a panic in the streets. The hound is swiftly followed by an Eladrin who seems to be trying to catch the beast. Ein and the others launch into action and with the Eladrin quickly destroy the beast. After it’s death, the eladrin takes a small scroll out of the beasts burnt skull.

The soft spoken and enigmatic eladrin begrudgingly introduces himself as Bushmill, and says he has been chasing the beast for days, or minutes, he is not really sure. He lets Ein, whom he obviosly distrusts, see the scroll, which is apparantly a ritual scroll, and informs Ein that he collects them. The group goes about their business in the bazar, which quickly gets back to business as usual after the hound is destroyed. They encounter a disgusting but resourceful shopkeeper named Ruben and do most of their dealings with him before moving on to the chapel.

Bushmill folows the group to the chapel, mumbling the whole while, perhaps to the group, perhaps to himself, it is hard to say. Apon arriving at the chapel they meet a man weeping on the steps. He does not respond to the groups questions, lamenting a poor girl. Upon entering the chapel the group finds the apparition of a young girl floating above the altar, bleeding ghostly blood from numerous wounds. The man enters the chapel explaining that she is his daughter, who dissapeared during the building of this chapel. He introduces himself as Alec and bid the group to search the chapel and about the town for clues to his daughter’s fate. The group agrees and begins searching the chapel immediately, though after Ein makes a foolish remark to Alec and recieves a stinging backhand to the face as Alec states, “The One God’s retribution is swift!”.

Ghak finds that the chapel is riddles with hidden compartments, and in one, Nitari finds the remains of the young girl. Little is left but bones, scratched as if some blade had cut across them. Ein informs Alec of their findings and the man thanks them. As Alec, with the help of Hugo and Bushmill, begins to bury his daughter and re-consecrate the chapel, Ein and the others go about the town to see what they can find out about the chapels builders. All the clues point in the direction of a man named Burt Curewell, and as the group is nearing his house they stumble upon what appears to be a dried bloodstain in the street. The stain leads them to a mysterious cellar door, which seems to belong to no house nearby. They attempt to force their way in, quickly drawing the attention of a nearby guard. Using the clues the had gathered thus far, and mentioning their meeting with the Lord Perry, the group convinced the guard of their good intentions and he helped them gain access to the cellar.

The group finds a pair of daggers in the cellar with the letters B.C. engraved in the handels. This seems to be damning evidence against Burt Curewell and thus Ein and the others go to confront the man. Burt denies everything, but Ein eventually browbeats the man into confessing to being a death cultist and murdering the girl for his evil gods. The guard brings Burt to stand before Alec, who swiftly delivers retribution with a large hammer to Burt’s jaw. The guard takes Burt away and Alec nonchalauntly hands the bloody hammer to Ghak as a reward. Night has long since fallen and the group, along with their new aquantance Bushmill, head back to the ship to rest before returning to the Lord Perry.



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